No Errata
Q: Are all cards which say ‘score this immediately’ surge objectives?
A: Yes.
Q: If I meet the condition of a surge or ‘score immediately’ card during an activation, the Beastgrave rules state that I score that card after the activation. Is that true even if by the end of the activation the scoring condition is no longer met (e.g. for Death Sentence, if by the end of the activation the enemy fighter is taken out of action)?
A: Yes. ‘Score immediately’ cards that do not specify a scoring window can be completed at any point, but must still be scored after an activation or power card is resolved in the same way as other surge objectives.
Q: Exactly when do surge cards that score “After an activation” such as Scrum and Swift Capture check to see if they have been scored?
A: Check to see if they are scored after the activation and any reactions to that activation/the last action in that activation, at the same time as surge objectives completed during that action/activation.