No Errata
Q: Hidden Paths says that the fighter is considered to have made a Move action. Does this count towards triggering cards like Quick Thinker, Kunnin’ But Brutal, and March of the Dead?
A: The fighter gains a Move token but Hidden Paths is not a Move action (or, indeed, an action of any kind). This means that Quick Thinker and Kunnin’ But Brutal cannot be triggered by Hidden Paths (because there was no action to make the reaction to), and you cannot score Cover Ground from Hidden Paths (because it isn’t a Move action). However, as the fighter is considered to have made a Move action in that round, that fighter does count for March of the Dead when you check that in the end phase.
Q: If my fighter hasn’t made a Move action but has one or more Move tokens (e.g. if they were chosen by Transfixing Stare), can I still use Hidden Paths on them?
A: Yes.
Q: If I use Hidden Paths, does that count as a Move action for the purposes of scoring Keep Them Guessing?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you score Longstrider by playing Hidden Paths to change a fighter’s position and then making a Move action with that fighter (e.g. if that fighter is Mollog)?
A: Yes.