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Q: Could Last Chance and The Necromancer Commands be triggered by the same Attack action?
A: Yes. Last Chance is a reaction taken during an Attack action that lets you ignore the damage caused by the Attack action. Only Attack actions that cause damage are successful, so the Attack action fails. At that point, if the attacking fighter was one of the Sepulchral Guard, their player could play The Necromancer Commands, which is a reaction taken after an Attack action that fails.
Q: What does ‘normally’ mean for Last Chance? Does it take the fighter’s situation (including supporting fighters, relevant upgrades and ploys) into account, or is it based on the fighter’s Defence characteristic?
A: It is simply based on the Defence characteristic of the fighter – if, for example, the fighter has a Defence characteristic of , a roll of anything other than or will work for Last Chance.
Q: If an enemy fighter would be taken out of action by my fighter’s Attack action, but my opponent uses Soultrap or Last Chance so that they are not taken out of action, can I still drive that fighter back?
A: Yes.
Q: If a fighter suffers damage from an Attack action, and then a player plays Trap to inflict an extra 1 damage on that fighter (that would take that fighter out of action), can Last Chance be played?
A: No. Last Chance is played when an Attack action would take a fighter out of action, and Trap is not an Attack action.
Q: Can any combination of the reactions on Last Chance, Last Lunge and Soultrap be made during the same Attack action?
A: No.
Q: If I play Last Chance or use the reaction on Tethered Spirit or Soultrap during an Attack action to save my fighter, is the Attack action successful?
A: No.
Q: If I’ve made a successful Attack action, but the enemy fighter is saved by Last Chance, meaning that my Attack action fails, what happens if that enemy fighter would then be driven back but is Trapped as described in the rules?
A: Even if the enemy fighter is Trapped, they are not damaged. The Attack action has still failed. This is because Last Chance ignores the damage from that Attack action, whenever that damage is dealt.
Q: Does the way the Damage characteristic is determined by the Fated Blade upgrade card prevent me from using the Last Chance ploy card or the Dark Destiny ploy card to prevent my fighter from being taken out of action?
A: No.
Q: If I attack an enemy fighter, then my opponent successfully uses Rebound and the damage would be enough to take my fighter out of action, can I use Last Chance to try to save them?
A: No – the damage is dealt by Rebound, not the Attack action.
Q: Can I play Rebound and then, if that fails, Last Chance as reactions to the same Attack action?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I play Last Chance and Fatal Riposte as reactions to the same Attack action?
A: No. You can play one or the other.
Q: If a fighter with a Defence characteristic on their fighter card is equipped with the upgrade Ethereal Shield, what results are successful for the purposes of Last Chance?
A: Ethereal Shield changes that fighter’s Defence characteristic to , so a roll of anything other than or will work for Last Chance.