No Errata
Q: Can the damage my fighter suffers from Shattering Terrain while making a Charge action trigger My Turn, and if so how is the this resolved?
A: Yes. You would play My Turn after the Move action taken as part of the Charge action (this is when Shattering Terrain damages the fighter), resolve My Turn and then (assuming you still could) resolve the Attack action taken as part of the Charge action.
Q: When does the fighter suffer damage as a result of Shattering Terrain – before or after they are moved? If the damage would take a fighter out of action, in which hex would that happen, the starting or ending hex?
A: After they are moved – if the damage would take them out of action, this happens in the ending hex.
Q: If a fighter from Ironskull’s Boyz who is not Inspired makes a Charge action after Shattering Terrain has been played, do they suffer damage (and therefore become Inspired) after finishing the whole Charge action, or after the Move action and before the Attack action?
A: They are damaged (and therefore Inspired) after their Move action and before their Attack action.
Q: Who gains a glory point if a fighter is taken out of action as a result of Shattering Terrain?
A: In a two-player game, when a player’s fighter is taken out of action their opponent gains a glory point. In a three- or four-player game, if you play Shattering Terrain and the damage it deals takes an enemy fighter out of action, you gain a glory point; if it takes one of your own fighters out of action, no one gains a glory point.
Q: How much damage does a fighter driven back by an Attack action with Knockback suffer from Shattering Terrain, if it is in effect?
A: 1 damage.
Q: If a fighter both moves and is pushed while Shattering Terrain is in effect, how much damage do they suffer, and when?
A: They suffer 1 damage after the first move or push. They do not suffer any damage for subsequent moves or pushes in the same activation.
Q: What happens if Shattering Terrain is in play and a fighter is driven back into a lethal hex, and then I play Trap and Pit Trap?
A: The fighter is dealt any damage by the Attack action first, then 1 damage by the lethal hex, then 1 damage by Shattering Terrain, then you can play Trap to deal 1 damage to that fighter, and after the Attack action is resolved you can play Pit Trap to deal 1 damage to that fighter