Add the following sentence to each of these cards: ‘A player can only play this card by spending two glory points (instead of one) and applying the upgrade card to an eligible fighter.’
Q: How many times can I use the draw cards reaction on a model with 4+ Katophrane Relics making a Charge action?
A: You can take the reaction after each of the fighter’s actions (assuming your opponent doesn’t play a reaction at the same opportunity), so normally you can use the reaction twice for a Charge action: once after the Move action and once after the Attack action. If the Attack action targets more than one enemy fighter, you can use the reaction after each of the Attack actions made as part of that Attack action.
Q: If I take an activation to put a fighter on Guard, is that considered to be that fighter’s action for the purposes of the Katophrane Relic draw cards reaction?
A: Yes.
Q: Can Spoils of Battle, Ghoulish Pact, Trading Up or Brutal Sacrifice be used to equip a Katophrane Relic?
A: No. The only way to play a Katophrane Relic is to spend two glory points.
Q: Can Legacy be used to transfer a Katophrane Relic from one fighter to another?
A: Yes.