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Q: How do I resolve Swift Strike?
A: Choose a fighter with this upgrade that is able to make an Attack action (it does not need to be in Range when you do so). Push this fighter one hex (as a reaction) and then make the Swift Strike Attack action with this fighter. You can use Swift Strike even without an enemy model in range and line of sight, if the one hex push granted by Swift Strike would take your fighter into a hex where they have line of sight to and are within range of the target. Whenever you use Swift Strike the fighter must end the push in a hex in which they can make the Attack action. You cannot use Swift Strike if you can’t push the fighter within range to make their Attack action with the one hex push granted by Swift Strike. If something happens (e.g. a reaction to the push) so that the fighter is no longer in range to make the Attack action, the Attack action is not made (it does not fail or succeed) and the activation ends. No reactions can be made that are triggered by an Attack action (because it is not made) and it does not count towards objectives like Let the Blood Flow (because the Attack action is not made). Swift Strike does not change how Charge actions work – at the end of a Charge action’s Move action your fighter must have a valid target for one of their Attack actions within range and line of sight.